Friday, May 12, 2017

Tin Roof! Rusted!

Love Shake! Baby Love Shack! 

Sorry....I have had that song in my head forever and a day! Why? Well, because I have been wanting to put a metal looking roof (tin) on this bird house!

 It started off like this -- sad...ugly and plain. It really should be a spooky haunted house, but by the time I had figured that out it was to late. I already had spent a day putting it together. Instead of pitching it I decided to just hide it from myself until I could look at it again without getting mad. Have you ever been there? Gotten frustrated with yourself because you put so much time into a project and have it just turn out bad? I was there with this!
 I then started thinking about my little sad house and thought a roof that looked like gold would be cute on it and maybe save it from the dumpster. I pulled out my Rinea foiled paper and got to work! First thing I did was fold it over like so....
 Next, I punched a bunch of circles....
 I started on the botttom of the roof and applied a row of circles.
 Instead of keeping the roof all gold I thought it would add some personality to rotate in silver -- and that's just what I did :-)
 I repeated the process until the roof was covered.
 I hid the top crease with a line of Rinea circles.
 I folded and flipped up the edges to help the roof stand out.
I then went back through and did the same to the side pieces and porch. I punched some butterflies and leaves and sprinkled them on the house and called it done!
I really like the look of the roof! I think this will be my stand by on altering them in the future.

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!



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Very clever Betz! what a great way to become happy with a project, alter it! Thanks for sharing.