Sunday, December 22, 2013

December Bombshell Sketch

I took advantage of the amazing Cyber Monday sale at and had to use the hot little bride I got from them to complete their December sketch.
Here is the sketch provided for this month:

And here is what I did with it:
 I used a line I got about two years ago that cost me all of about $3. I have a friend that is getting married soon so I colored the bride in her colors. Of course since it is a Pin Up I had to put fish nets on her.
 Here is the inside of the card:
Until next time -- Happy Crafting :-)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Card Making Take 3

I made this card for another friend via Facebook. Actually, we grew up in the same circles and have never met in real life. We get along great on Facebook and she often will mail me cute cards too. I made her this one for Christmas:

Until next time -- Happy Crafting!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Card Making Take 2

I made this cute little card for my friend Vanessa. She also has a blog that I follow and you can find it on my blog list. I met Vanessa online many many many years ago through a Scrapbooking kit club that has gone out of business :-( I miss it a lot. However, I am grateful for some great friends I made because of it. Vanessa is one of those friends and her cards are AMAZING. I ran across this stamp set in my collection and I thought it was totally perfect for her, so I made a card for her. Here it is:

 I thought her black dress needed to sparkle so I covered it in Stickles and added the bling for the decorations.

Until next time -- Happy Crafting!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Card Making Take 1

It is that time of year again -- CHRISTMAS CARDS! I made a few personal ones for some friends. Today I am going to share with you the one I made for a new friend I made via Facebook. I had seen her post this amazing envelope on a group I belong to it and left a comment on it. I then saw some more of her art and I was awestruck! She was so sweet and asked me if I would like one. We immediately became friends and a few days later I had some pretty mail :-)

Of course I was inspired and had to make her a card too. This is what I came up with:
I made it using everything from my stash. The background paper I made with alchole ink. I think I might have gotten slightly high as I worked with it though.....

Until next time: Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Cards My Style

Most folks who know me understand that I have a very warped sense of humor and I do like things that are off the beaten path. I sat down earlier this week and came up with two cards based off of two of my favorite things: A Christmas Story (best movie EVER) and Pinup stamps.

Until next time - Happy crafting!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cookie Making

We always decorate sugar cookies for Christmas. Last year the kids spent the night with Grammie and Papa and decorated gingerbread men! Here is a two page LO I did of their night.

I can't help but wonder: will I ever use all my thickers? I don't think so!
Until next time -- Happy crafting!

Monday, December 9, 2013

It is Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

We decorated on Black Friday for Christmas and I can not tell you the annoyance I went through trying to find my 2012 Christmas album! It dawned on me about an hour into my search that we do not have one because I never actually scrapped the pictures. Whoops! I started working on those right away!

Done in a hurry, but I still like 'em! Did I mention they are still sitting on my desk and not in an album yet? Hopefully next year I have it together!

Until next time -- Happy crafting!

Friday, December 6, 2013


I found a great online sale a few weeks back and picked up the "Midway" collection by October Afternoon. I completed the following two pages with it. Please be warned that there is gross sense of humor involved!

Until next time -- Happy crafting!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Back At It!

I hope your Thanksgiving was great and you were able to share it with loved ones :-) My Mom came into town and we kept busy! It was the first time in over 5 years that we got to spend any holiday together and over 15 since it was Thanksgiving. Needless to say, I have been away from my crafty room. However, I am back in it now and am having fun with cards and layouts.

I figured it was about time that I got the "Back to School" pages complete for my kiddos' scrapbooks. Each of them have a school album that I started when they were in preschool. At the start of each year I take a picture of them on the first day. I make a layout and pop it in the their book. I marvel each and every year about how quickly they are growing up and how time flies. That is probably the reason why I put off getting these pages is like I have to admit to myself that they are growing up.

I usually come up with a sketch each year and stick to it. Here is this year's pages:

I found a lot of the embellishments in Indiana this past Fall! I tried to make the pages unique to each kiddo :-)
Until next time -- Happy crafting!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Work It Work Out Girl Card

Last card I made this week using stamp. The stamp I used to make it was the "Work It Work Out Girl" stamp. I actually used the line from Close to my Heart that is geared towards baby and I think it turned out great!

Until next time -- HAPPY CRAFTING :-)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crafty Girl

This is one of the first purchases I made from . Every craft girl needs this "Crafty Girl". So here is the process of making a card with her. I really had no idea where I would end up or what the card would look like when I was done, but I think I like it ;-) 

First thing I did was found a piece of white flat and since I am cheap I like to use my scraps :-) Stamped the girl on it....
 I then thought it might be a good idea to figure out what the base of my card is going to be. Oh snap! It is 1/4 inch to short :-(
Decided I probably would not have liked it all one pattern so the mess up in my measurements ended up a bonus! I just added this strip of paper.
A very enjoyable hour was spent coloring her and her craft room with my Copic markers :-)
As I was coloring, I was also thinking of what I could do to the edge of the card to spruce it up a bit.
Distressed and inked the edges....
And place it on my card. Added a cute flower and called it good :-)
Until next time -- HAPPY CRAFTING :-)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Cupcake Girl Card

Hello Friends :-) Today I am going to share with you the card I made using  "Cherry Cupcake Cutie" stamp. Yesterday, you saw her inked, colored and cut out. This is the completed project:

 I used my new Graphic 45 paper and Kaiser Craft Fern Sparklets to bring alive the holiday feel. I pop dotted the Cutie to add some depth to the card and covered her in bling too.
Make sure you head on over to the link I posted earlier to check out all the adorable stamps Fresh Brewed has to offer! Until next time -- HAPPY CRAFTING! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cupcake Girls by Fresh Brewed Desigs Cards

My friend introduced me to a great little company that has fantastically cute stamps! I have always thought their stuff was cute, but when they came out with CUPCAKE stamps I knew I had to have them. This week I am going to be focusing on some cards I am making from Fresh Brewed Stamps. I have two done and plans to make two more that I will upload later this week. I am also going to start uploading some great recipes! My other addiction is cooking and baking and you will start to see that side of me soon!

In the mean time, if you are inspired check out:

and here is the first card from start to finish:

I stamped each image with Memento stamp pad in Tuxedo Black
 I then colored in each image using my Copic markers. As you can see the one on the bottom is going to go on a Christmas card. I also felt she needed a little bit of blue in her hair.
 Next step is to cut the girls out.
 Lastly, I pulled my card together and added bling to each little lady.
 I pop dotted the girl in the middle to add a little depth to the card.
I will show you my Christmas Cupcake girl tomorrow. I actually really like how it turned out. Until next time -- HAPPY CRAFTING! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cheater Page

I used my "cheater" page protector to complete this page because I was clueless on how to even start it. Lots of pictures of the same thing confuse me and any help I can get I take! I simply cut and popped into the pockets on the page protector. I then added embellishments and journal block.

Until next time -- HAPPY CRAFTING!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More Disney

I was able to play with some more Disney pages. Here are two that I put together with the stuff I picked up on my recent trip to Indiana!
 I LOVE roller coaster. Like, I seriously will ride anything. You can imagine how not fun it is to go to an amusement park with a family that gets sick at the sight of them. Well, that all changed when we had Parker! Parker LOVES roller coasters I think more than I do. The last time we went to Disneyland was about 5 years ago and he was to short to ride. We decided at that time that we would not do another amusement park until he was able to ride. Well, this was his year and WOW did he live it up! He lived it up so much that I was getting ill from riding them so much and that has never happened.
I don't know how we started this tradition, but everytime we go to Disneyland the kids and Dad have to try to pull the Sword out of the Stone...and I always take pictures of it. Our album would just not be complete without this standard page in it ;-)

Thanks for stopping in! Until next time -- HAPPY CRAFTING :-)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Great Catch!

If you read my previous blog entry you probably saw that I was working on the "Little Mermaid" on my Cricut. So, I thought I would share with you today the completed page :-) It is pretty simple and no pattern paper. I just used a few sprays of Glimmer Mist in the corner, found a great big circle from my stash, matted my picture and put it all together.
It is nice to be able to use the Disney Cartridges I own. I am having a hard time using them on anything other than Disneyland pages. I am wondering, what would you or do you use them with?
Until next time  -- Happy Crafting!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Day "Off"

One of my very favorite bloggers ( took a challenge and captured one of her days in photos and blogged about it. I thought this would be fun to do too! So, this past Monday I took a picture every hour on the hour of my day. Monday is my day "off".

6:00 - I start every morning with my Bible Study and prayer. I do get up to pee first, but after that it is back to bed to start my day with my Maker.
 7:00 - Time to get breakfast for the kids and make sure they are ready for their day. This morning they had eggs, fruit, Cranberry Pumpkin bread and milk. Of course we can not forget the vitamins.
 8:00 - After I dropped off the kids I headed to the gym to get my sweat on. I typically complete 5 miles and it takes the entire hour.
 9:00 - Time to get ready for my day and drink my breakfast. I like protein shakes because I can drink them as I get myself together.
 12:00 - This picture is out of order! How did that happen? Ah, well...obviously this is lunch. Now that it is getting cooler outside, soup is a staple :-) I try to eat every meal at the table. Even when I am home alone I like the tradition of lunch in the breakfast nook.
 10:00 & 11:00 - I did my "Home Blessing Hour". However, for me instead of one hour it is two. I pick 10 chores to do and get them done. I tend to do the majority of my house work on Mondays and just maintain during the week. I also will focus on upstairs one week and downstairs the next. I used to try to do the entire house every week, but it would take F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I noticed that if I just kept up on it and a good cleaning every other week on each floor is really all we need.
 1:00 -- A little time to get crafty. I made "The Little Mermaid" for a page I am completing in our vacation album.
 2:00 - Time to do a little desk work. I rarely crack open the laptop and when I do I try not to be on it for more than an hour.
 3:00 - Kids are out of school! Woo-Hoo! I missed them all day and it is nice to have them back home with me.
 4:00 - Annie is in the math club and does not get out until 4 O'clock.
 5:00 - Dinner preparation is under way. As my chicken baked, I decided to start on some Pomegranate Vinegar. I always forget how mess it is to work with until it is to late :-(
 After I seeded two pomegranates I added about 20 ounces of white wine vinegar to the jar and sealed it up. I then placed it in the window. In 10 days I will run it through a cheese cloth to get rid of all the seeds. I will then have homemade pomegranate vinegar that I will mix with olive oil, pepper, and sea salt to use on winter green salads that have lettuce, feta cheese, walnuts and cranberries.
 6:00 - Dinner is served! I like using chicken thighs from time to time. Not only are they cheaper than the chicken breast, they also are very moist and flavorful.
 7:00 -- Home made Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream from scratch and drizzled with pure organic maple syrup. I got an organic pumpkin in my "Bountiful Basket" and turned it into this as well as some "Pumpkin Maple Scones". If you have never drizzled pure maple syrup on your pumpkin pie before please do it! It is like a slice of heaven and I don't even like pumpkin pie.
 8:00 - Time to settle down with the family and watch "The Voice" with a nice 16 year aged Scotch from the Highlands of Scotland.
There it typical day off. What did you do today? ;-)