Monday, January 23, 2012

Over the Weekend

First off, I am sorry the pictures are blurry. I don't know what I did on my camera to make them this way and I will fix it in the future.

My oldest son, Logan did a year of Cub Scouts when he was 8 (3 years ago). For Christmas that year the family gave me the KI Cub Scout Kit. It took me until this last weekend to finally get them scrapped. I think I was just afraid of them...I don't do well with themes at all, but I was finally able to conquer the kit!
 For the next one I wanted to include all the little cards he got with his pins and such on them for the different badges he earned. The only thing is, I am so sick of hiding them in pockets or behind photos so this time I displayed them along the edge to make a border. Then I took his "rank" and pin for that and did those in the lower corner.

 The last thing I wanted to do was have to break down the extras of a kit and put it in my stash. There is no way that I will ever use any thing Cub Scout again (we now do Awana) so I let the stickers and left over paper throw up on this final Cub scout layout. This is the first time I had nothing left over.
 This is a Layout I did using the CTMH "Reflection" book. It originally was a sketch for a one pager, but I made it into two by flipping the sketch upside down for the second half. All of this was made with crap....errrr...I mean stuff from my stash. That is why it is not all matchy matchy :-)
 This final layout is one I made about three weeks ago with my new Cricut Imagine that I got for Christmas. I really like it!
 Detail of the cupcake that I "Frosted" with heat up puffy stuff you can get through CTMH (AKA ME). It makes good clouds and Santa beards. Oh, and snow too!
Thanks for stopping in :-)

Friday, January 20, 2012

You Are so Square

As one of the promos last month with Close TO My Heart this set was offered. It is a nine cube set complete with a tray and a large stamp set.
 Well, I decided to make a family football theme out of it. I used black, red, and white as the base. I used some Varsity type Thickers I have been hoarding as the "Title".
First I made six 6 by 6 layouts, cut them into 2 inch squares, and adhered to the cube. This is what each side looks like:

Thanks for looking. I am going to try to get another LO done over the next few days :-)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas is All Wrapped Up

I have a hard time scrapping Christmas photos. I mean it is usually the same type pictures over and over again. Not only that, but I am picky with what kind of Christmas paper I like. In fact, I would rather use something that is not Christmas and make it Christmassy....if that makes any sense. Well, this year I just did not have any creative juices (or maybe it was time). Anyways, I cheated and I bought the "Workshop on the Go" by Close to My Heart (I sell myself more so...but regardless...if you like it, hit me up).Like I was saying, this is the Close to My Heart "Workshop on the Go" Christmas themed pack. It came with almost everything you will see in the photos (I added the black CS, felt tag holders and tags, thickers, card bases, clear card, and card box) Did I mention it came with the cute stamp set?!?!?! Not to mention that, but it gave me a  2 two page LO sketches so it made scrapping super easy.

This first LO I actually used the scraps from the kit. It was the last LO I completed.  I came up with the sketch for the LO all by my lil' ole' self :-) I am really trying to tap into my creative side and get back to crafting, so I started a "sketch" section in my "Smash" book. That is where I created this sketch.
 This is one of the cards I made to go in the card box. I did use my CB to add texture to it. Have I mentioned how much I love CTMH flat white core cardstock? Look how awesome that looks!!!!

 This was one of the LO suggestions that came with the WOTG. I modified it slightly in that instead of making mattes for the two pictures on the top of the LO, I created two pockets on my Cricut. I have a total of about 12 pictures in the pockets. I also used the pattern feature on my new Cricut and came up with my own pattern paper. I did not want to to matchy matchy, but it is cute :-)
 Some more cards I made with the left overs for the card box.
 This is my favorite favorite clear card I have made in a while. I had one pesky clear card left in my stash. I found this cute sketch in the "Wishes" book my CTMH and I modified it to my products I had left. I then pulled out my Copic Marker and gave some life to Santa :-)
 This was the first LO I made with the kit. The title is from my stash and I used puffy stuff for Santa :-) I usually do not like white as a background, but on this I love it!
 A few more close ups of cards for the card box....
 The complete card box set. The add on project for the WOTG was for four cards, but I was able to make a few more. I might give this as a gift to my mom. She always ask me for hand made cards to give out, but I don't want to give them to her for Christmas so I am thinking her birthday....I know that is weird, but if I give them to her at Christmas she has to wait an entire year to use them, right? Or maybe I will just give it to her as a thank you gift for the gifts she sent us now :-)
Thanks for sneaking a peak. Stay tuned because next time I am going to share with you an amazing "Rock the Block" set I made for my family. It is a puzzle block set that is so much fun and the kids are addicted too!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do You Smash?

First I would like to apologize for two things. The first being that I have not kept up on this blog. I am going to try to change that in 2012 and upload at least twice a week. One of my resolutions is to spend some more time creating. The second is that I did not flip a couple of these pics before posting and am being lazy and not taking the time to learn how to fix them on here. SO just flip your monitor or your head to view them and I promise to take more time on future posts :-)

Now with all of that being said, the first things I want to share for 2012 are these awesome Smash books. Do you smash? Do you know what smashing is all about? Well, I love these journals and am having so much fun creating in them. The one in the back I got at the Scrapbook Expo in Chicago this past summer. Basically it is just a place to hold all the random crap I find interesting in my life. It varies from one topic to the next and really has no rhyme or reason -- that is why I love it! It is not complete yet, but I did want to show you what I have done in it so far. The second is one my secret Santa (Martha who is not a secret anymore) gave me. This one actually does have a purpose and I worked a few hours on it yesterday. You can't tell, but I used masks to write the word "PHAT" on it and glimmer misted it with the mist that she sent too :-) I really like how the cover came out. It simply is about one of my resolutions for the year. I shared the first page (it is one of the ones that needs to be flipped) and I promise to share the rest of the book when I am done. Totally excited about it! Thank you Martha! I love it!!!!

 Thanks for stopping by! See you soon :-) My next upload is Christmas related and should be up in a few days :-) I can't wait. It is all super duper cute!!!!!