Thursday, April 29, 2010

BG Class LO

I am taking a class at my LSS that creates a two page LO using BG. There are 5 reasons that I signed up for the class.
1) I hate BG and want to learn how to use it and like it.
2) I get a lot of product for the cost.
3) I need to make more friends locally.
4) I love my LSS and want to support her so she does not close her doors.
5) I stink at making two page LOs and need help.

I really believe that in order to grow as an artist/scrapper I must challenge myself and all the above reasons do indeed do just that!
This is the LO we were suppose to create (sorry about the measurements written on it):

This is what I created. I was the only one who really went outside of the box and this is not really going outside of the box! LOL!

I made this flower with leftover Simple to do with a circle punch, folding, and ink.

Now, since I have a new found love of making my own flowers, don't you think this would be easy to make? I mean BG charges like $5 for three of these flowers. I bet I could make them with pipe cleaners and left over brads for pennies! As soon as I find my kids' pipe cleaners I am gonna try because they are darling!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Over the Weekend....

I finished up our trip to Legoland. Parker finally got to ride his first roller coaster. He was so excited! The picture is funny because the look of sheer terror on his face! However, once we got off he wanted to go again!

Logan love Bionicles, so naturally he wanted pictures with a lot of them. I tried to make a lego border on the top of he page using the photo matte the picture of Parker and I on the roller coaster came in. I had to tear it down, cut it up, and piece it back together. I then hated what it looked like so tried to put the title on it and the location block over it. Now I acually like the LO!

I took this picture on Easter with my sister. I LOVE this picture of us! I attempted to make the large flower out of old dictionary paper. I then glimmer misted it and popped a vintage button on it. I think I like it.....


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who Says the Desert is UGLY?

Well, I did of course! I have changed my mind and actually think it is beautiful in it's own special way. Here are a few LO I did of the beauty that can be found in the desert! All of these were made from my stash with the exception of the flower that Aleta (I think?) made for a homemade flower swap (which is proving to be the best swap I have ever participated in because I am really getting a lot of use from the flowers! Oh, I also learned how to make them!)

TFL! :-)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lovin' The Stash!

I completed these two LOs today ALL from my stash! I have had this picture of my daughter for about 4 months. My friend, Aleta, gave my family Christmas gifts this last Christmas and she make Annie and I matching aprons. I wear mine all the time and so does my daughter. In fact, she tried to go to school with it on today! She loves to help in the kitchen just so she can wear the apron! I wanted to do a really good LO with her in the apron. I was looking through Queen and Co. DT and fond a LO I loved and knew I was gonna lift it! So this is what I came up with:

Finally! I am done with our trip to San Diego last summer! All of this was from my stash as well.

The flowers on the second LO were from a homemade flower swap (I think Kylie made them. A few of he flowers on the first LO were also from that same swap (I think it was Tricia and Marinka who made the ones I used). TFL!

Monday, April 19, 2010

2 New Ones

Went old school on this LO. All from my stash and mostly CTMH. I don't do two pagers often, but I so want to just be done with this trip we took LAST summer to Cali. I have not known how to scrap these. This is what I came up with.

Annie and Charlie at her dance. I really had fun doing this LO from my stash.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Did I Spell the Title Right?

Here is a LO I did last night about the cherry pie my sister made and the two poses! She looks like the Borax/Borox chick in the last one. Did I spell it right? I don't know! I can't spell! LOL! I made the Bombshell in the corner using a stamp, colored pencil, and red stickles. I aslo made the bling border.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some Good Mojo!

I am so happy! I finally got a good dose of creative mojo going today. I wanted to finally finish scrapping our trip to San Diego. I did it! Not only did I just "get er done", I took my time and completely enjoyed scrapping today!
This first one was the last one I completed. I apologize for the poor lighting, but it was after 9 PM when I got it done and I had to take it into the bathroom to get a picture of it. I was just so excited that I had to get it up ASAP! Almost everything I used on it is CTMH. It is about my very favorite glasses (COACH) and the last time I wore them. I am trying to make an effort to journal more on my pages. The journal on this talks about how I was waiting for the elevator at our hotel in San Diego and my glasses fell off my head. I just picked them up and put them back on totally ignoring that my vision was weird. I walked along the boardwalk, sat at the pool, and even met some executives (big wigs at my husband's business meeting) with the glasses on. I could not understand why people would give me funny looks or just look away. I soon discovered that one of the lens must have popped out when I dropped them because I only had one left! I must have looked like a modern day pirate or something with one eye covered!

This LO was also done with CTMH. Only, the main page I used was one of those pages that have slots for your pictures. Well, I HATE those types of pages, but really liked the colors on it so made it work! The green tag is actually glossy CS that I alcohol inked on and then stamped with stazon ink for the image. I really like how this one turned out as well! I love the boardwalk and that is what the journal discuses.

Thanks for looking and laughing! Haha! :-)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Few New Ones

We had this picture taken in Texas. I did a swap where we made a monthly page in which we left a spot for a photo and journal. I made this page for the swap.

Believe it or not, I have been planing this page for quite some time. I don't know if I like how it has turned out yet...

I love these pictures of Cider (our Golden) and knew Origins Basic Grey would work well with them. I am not a Basic Grey fan, but I am taking a class at my LSS to learn how to use them. This is made with some of the extra stuff from the class.

Ruth, from my swap, actually created this page. I just slapped a picture of my son, Parker, on it and did some journaling. I am HORRIBLE at journaling and trying to improve that. Ironic because I love to use words, but I hate my hand writing. I am really insecure about it. I don't want to type all the journaling because it is important that future generations see the pages as authentic as possible.

I like this LO! The story on it is kind of funny. These are the eggs that we colored this year at my sister's house. She boiled 84 eggs! There were five children and 4 adults supervising, but after the first 60 eggs the kids bailed! It left the adults to do the rest of the coloring. LOL!

This is the LO I made in the BG class. I usually don't do two page LO's, but this turned out good. It is about our family date night to the hockey game!