Friday, January 9, 2009

Inspirational Challenge

On OAU we are doing a LOAD challenge and I was assigned to do the inspiration for day 8, but since the forum is inaccessible right now I am going to post my challenge for you here! :-)

Here is your mission if you choose to accept it. This will not self destruct in 30 seconds! LOL

Create a WHITE Lay out! Yes, you read that correct -- WHITE! I have issues with white. Like I was told in my early scrapping days that white background is not as pleasing to the eye as a colored one and to not do them. Well, me -- the rebel that I am, have decided to try to create one (it only took me 10 years to do so -- not the LO, but to actually sit down and do one.)

Here are the rules:

1) You must use a piece of white CS as your base. No PP on this LO at all!
2) Select your pictures and decide on an ACCENT Color (I used pink and only used 1/12 of a piece of pink CS). This should be used very very little -- it needs to be clear that this is indeed a WHITE LO!
3) You may use (if you choose to) one metallic accent -- again keep it small (I used silver and it is only on my title) and one piece of bling (I used HS Clear oval) if you use bling then it needs to be either clear, your accent color, or metallic. For example one bling prima swirl, angel wings, or use bling in the center of WHITE flowers.
4) You may use as much clear embellishments as you would like because the WHITE can shine through.

So you think you can do it? Give it a try! I love the outcome of mine! Just do the best you can with the above rules. The important thing is that the LO is a WHITE LO.

Here is my example!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

HaHa! Watch This!

I found this today and I just had to share it! Too funny! You may have to let it run once through and then hit the play button again. Not only is this by far the most fun I have had watching a video about crafting, the website is cool and if you are into metal stuff it is up your ally. If you are not into metal (like me) it is so worth your time to watch this. Trust me!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Two Layouts for Today!

This one is my LO I did for the LOAD challenge at OSU. It is of my nephew whom is graduating from HS this year! He has downs and this is a big accomplishment!

I did this LO on my three kiddos. I love this picture! I think it is Fancy Pants PP and Overlay. Thickers, MM, and Stickles. Oh, and these really awesome buttons I picked up in Yakima with Bobbie. I should have gotten a set in every color I love them!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some M ore Halloween!

This is the last of my Halloween LOs! All of these were done on PP that I found in the dollar spot at Target! I got all four sheets in a pack for a buck! I can't believe how well they all work. I did not even plan it!

This one I used A/C Thickers, CTMH stamps for the Pumpkins, and I think it is a Fancy Pant Tree.

This was really easy! It was my oldest and it is all Grunge board, paint, and Glimmer Mist.

I love this one! It is of my DD and the PP matches the purple flowers she is standing in front of! I used my new stamps and brads from Wendrie -- my SS!

This is another one I am please with! The Robot stamp is from a recycled stamp set I was part of at SG and the rest is from my stash!

I must confess, not getting SG is hard, but it is forcing me to use my stash which is great! TFL!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Personnal LOAD

On Obsessed Scrappers United Kylie has started a "Layout A Day" (LOAD) challenge. Each day one of us post inspiration and then we can use that inspiration or not, but we have to complete a LO. So, two of these LO are from the LOAD challenge and the other is a rather simple Halloween LO I did of the children using Black Color Core CS, CTMH stamps, Queen and CO Felt, and it GLOWS IN THE DARK. Not my favorite LO, but wanted to show you because it does indeed glow in the dark. I am going to ***try*** upload a LO a day here as well! I said ***TRY***. LOL! Leave me some love! TFL!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My First ATC Card!

Here are my very first attempts at ATC. The theme of the swap is "All About Me". I hope I did these correct and I know some of them may be a stretch or to general. There were ten categories with nine cards in each -- yep 90 cards total! This has taken me about six weeks to put together, but it was a lot of fun and I could be addicted! Please leave me some feedback.

Road trip is for the "cars" Category. I don't really care what I drive as long as I can take it on a road trip because that is my favorite thing to do. I used liquid glass on the license plate to make it look more realistic.
Coffee is for the "Beverage/Food" Category. Coffee (now decaf) is my favorite thing to drink! I used liquid Applique to make the steam and liquid glass to make the coffee look more realistic!

Pets and Colors are next! I did not have dogs and cats growing up, but birds! I used a clear button on top of a small picture of a bird to make my own button!
My favorite color is purple, so I did my ATC using eggplant wash (thanks Wendrie! My Secret Sister), Glimmer Mist, paint, and then Stikles.

For the Hometown and Rock star I did something a bit out of the box. I don't listen to as much Rock as I do country, so I put a cowboy hat on top of my girl. I made it glow in the dark! So those of you that are getting my ATC card leave this one in the light for a bit and then take it into a pitch black area and it will glow! For Hometown I went with the theme of it being always hot and often times, if I am home alone, I will not wear much. That is why this card you can see the naked lady through the window!

For the fashion category I just tried to find something that I think represents my taste and that is timeless and often times silly! I used to wear heels all the time (would now, but since I am at home it is not practical) I had to show that too! For the Relative category I focused on the common trait of the women in my family have and that is we are all artistic and love love love art! I also used a circle to showcase my favorite part of the portrait.

These were the most fun for me to put together and that is my childhood character and book cards! For childhood category I did it on Minnie Mouse just because I used to watch a lot of cartoons when I was younger. I paper pieced Minnnie and used my Cricut to cut her out. I then added Pop Dots to adhere her to the card. Can you guess my very favorite childhood book? No, well once I tell you the title it will all make sense! Do you remember the book "Freckle Juice"? Yep! This is my "Freckle Juice"! I added liquid glass once again to make it look more realistic!