Saturday, February 11, 2017

Phone Stand Tutorial

I attended CHA 2017 and my very favorite "Make and Takes" were done at the Beacon booth! If you have not caught my review on it all check it out here:  I am excited to share with you my favorite "Make and Take" in this post. This is both pretty and practical! It is a phone stand. Often times I like to watch something on my phone as I craft or cook and have a hard time propping it up. This solves that problem. Check it out:
 The phone stand can be found here:
Information on the adhesive can be found here:
Embellishments can be found here:
 The first thing I did was ink the edges of all the sweet die cut I was going to use on my phone stand.
 Next, I traced the stand on to pattern paper and cut it out.
 I then assembled the art work that would make up the focal piece of the stand when my phone is not on it. You could add a picture here too! That would make a great gift!
The rest of the tutorial can be found in this video I made. I found it to be beneficial to show how to assemble this rather than continue on in a pictorial form. Please make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and leave me some love ;-)

Phone Stand Video

Until next time -- Happy Crafting!


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