Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Few New Ones

We had this picture taken in Texas. I did a swap where we made a monthly page in which we left a spot for a photo and journal. I made this page for the swap.

Believe it or not, I have been planing this page for quite some time. I don't know if I like how it has turned out yet...

I love these pictures of Cider (our Golden) and knew Origins Basic Grey would work well with them. I am not a Basic Grey fan, but I am taking a class at my LSS to learn how to use them. This is made with some of the extra stuff from the class.

Ruth, from my swap, actually created this page. I just slapped a picture of my son, Parker, on it and did some journaling. I am HORRIBLE at journaling and trying to improve that. Ironic because I love to use words, but I hate my hand writing. I am really insecure about it. I don't want to type all the journaling because it is important that future generations see the pages as authentic as possible.

I like this LO! The story on it is kind of funny. These are the eggs that we colored this year at my sister's house. She boiled 84 eggs! There were five children and 4 adults supervising, but after the first 60 eggs the kids bailed! It left the adults to do the rest of the coloring. LOL!

This is the LO I made in the BG class. I usually don't do two page LO's, but this turned out good. It is about our family date night to the hockey game!



Jen said...

Great job!!! I love how you used different colors on the title for the Eggs layout! You'll have to try to make it down to Austin/San Antonio next time you're in Texas! ;)

ladynurse4 said...

Yeah, Betsie, you have to try to come to Dallas too! These are great. Love the two pager. The arrangement of the photos is cool.

Scrappy said...

I wish I could have come to you ladies. We just did not have enough days. I really want to get to San Antonio and Dallas. Next time for sure! I did fall in love with Texas. I totally understand the draw of it!