Friday, February 13, 2015

Pucker Up :-*

One of the perks of being a woman is we get to dress up and play with make up. I get lots of questions on how to apply red lipstick. Apparently a lot of women out there do not think it is for them and/or down right scared of it. Rest assured, there is nothing to fear and I am going to share with you how I apply it. The key is making sure that you get the right shade for your skin tone. I am almost 40 and my skin tone has changed in the last decade. Mary Kay has always made the perfect red for me. They did discontinue their red lip liner which is probably the dumbest move a make up company could ever make in my opinion. It is not like that is a color you can just substitute with another color liner. So, I have been forced to use another liner since MK no longer sells one. For this tutorial I used a Rimmel Red liner (thank you Roberta for giving it to me!)
 My personal preference is to go a bit lighter with my eye make up when I wear red lipstick. However, I do need to wear make up when I do red otherwise I just look like a washed out face with a pair of red lips.
 First thing, prime your lips like you do your face with primer and use foundation too. This will help your color hold and provides a nice canvas to work on. Liner and lipstick just tend to go on better with primer and foundation for me. It is like the lines are smother.
 Following your natural lip shape you are going to line the lower lip. Then, you are going to make an X with your liner directly in the center of your top lip. Using the top of the X go ahead and line your top lip. I know some people depending on their lip shape will go just outside of their natural lip or just inside. When in doubt just follow the natural line that God gave you :-) I don't know why, but every time I try to draw outside of the box I end up looking like a toddler did my make up :-P
 Now, rub your lips together to pull that color through and reline your lips. This helps that color stay put! I like to line my lips again because I need  to know where to "color".
 Apply your red lipstick. If you are nervous dab it on. I always dab on my top lip :-)
 Take your lip gloss wand and color over your lipstick. I like to use this step to even out any messy spots. The wand is my lip saver! :-P The lip gloss is the only thing I will reapply through out the day if needed. The color tends to hold and I really don't have more time during the day to do this entire process (Beauty takes work!).
 This next step is crucial! You have to do it otherwise you will end up with red teeth and that is never a good thing. Take your finger and pull it through your lips. The residue will end up on your finger and not on your teeth later ;-) Make sure you wash your hands or you will get lipstick on everything you touch (I have learned this the hard way).
 Now you are ready for your day, or hot Valentine's Day date :-)
Go lay one on your baby and take a sweet picture. Or embarrass your teenager by kissing him.

Pucker up! :-*

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