Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Studio Calico Kit

I have been wanting to do another kit club for over a year and my favorite current kits seem to be Studio Calico. However, I always have a hard time with them and almost did not sign up again to get them. August was my first month and I am really happy I took the leap! Here are all of my pages I made using the kit!
This was the first LO I did. It took me awhile (over 2 hours) because I was so uncertain of this type of style. Add to that I am not a fan of holiday type pages it was bound to be a challenge.

This was the next page I did. I struggled through this as well trying to find that SC Mojo.....
 And I found the mojo! I love this LO and I think it works perfectly with the style.
 On a roll! This is my daughter's favorite page I did.
 At this point I am thinking that I am almost done with this kit....
 Then I found these pictures!
 Forgot about the Kraft paper in the kit and I had this last banner.
 Finally, the last page and I litereally used every single last piece of the kit on it!
Thanks for stopping in. I completed a lot of other pages these past weeks that I will be uploading over the next few days. Make sure to come back soon! 

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VanessaB said...

wow. look at you go! i still haven't decided on a club.... glad you're happy with Studio calico thus far. :)