Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Year in a Box

Here is the last project from my favorite class I took at the Scrapbook Expo in Chicago.  Each little envelope does something different, so once it is complete it will be super duper cute with pictures and journaling.

 I used leftovers from the class to alter the box (box came with the kit -- the class was only $24).

 I bought the bling for a buck at the Expo. I just cut it up and reshaped it to fit the box (I do that a lot with swirly bling). The flower is from "The Latest and Greatest" class that had nothing all that late or great! Talk about a rip off. If you are going to the Expo just take that $50 you would spend on the class and spend it at Expo. Everything I got in that class was stuff you would find on clearance and not spend more than $35 on. Total waste, but I am chasing rabbits. LOL!

That completes my Chicago Expo projects. Looking back now I am amazed that I was able to get two albums and this cute little box out of if. AND the best part was that I got to spend it with my favorite gal pal! :-)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

SEI Tumble Dye & Album in a Box

As I mentioned previously (in another blog entry) that I spent this last weekend at the Scrapbook Expo in Chicgo. At the Expo I took three classes. I will be showing you the final class projects of two of those three classes over the next few days. One class there is nothing to see. I wish I could show you the "Latest and Greatest" in scrapbooking supplies and tools -- which is what it was titled, but I can't because it was NOT anything new or great. In fact, that class really sucked! However, the other two classes were awesome!

One of the designers from SEI taught the Tumble Dye technique using a lovely album that she created. Yep! I got to take a class from a designer! She had selected and designed the album, paper, chipboard, and everything in between. Forgive the color on this because the album is white overall, so it was hard to photograph. Add that to the fact that I had slipped it into page protectors and it is bound to be a hot mess. LOL!

The class was $48 and you can order these all in one albums off their website for $41. It is a great value! You should be able to complete an album in an hour too! Although I think it will take closer to 1.5 hours. Everything is precut!

Here is the front of the album and the new SEI Tumble Dye:
The Tumble Dye is different from the glimmer mist and even that wonderful Maya Road mists. First, there is no glimmer in it, however you do still need to twirl the bottle to mix it like you do for Glimmer Mist. Secondly, it has more of a consistency of water downed paint and kind of smells like that too.

The technique that I learned was how to use the Tumble Dye on the PP in this kit. Basically, what you do is you spray the dye on a paper towel and rub in in circles on the PP until you get the coverage you want. She said the paper can not be sprayed on directly because it would literally tear it up -- she had tried. I really liked the look of it and had I done this entire album in the comfort of my own scrap room I would have Tumble Dye all the white sheets (the entire album is white) three different colors. However, I was not in my own scrap room, so I tumble dye two sheets two different colors (I used my neighbors purple). I then cut up that sheet as embellishments. Here are a few of the completed pages in the album and yes I did finish the entire album!

 Part of the kit was a package of tissue and tulle circles of different sizes and colors. As you can tell from the page above and the page below they got a lot of use and were really a clever way of using materials we may have on hand. Although, I don't know if I could cut a perfect circle out of tissue paper. Maybe I should leave that job to SEI! LOL!
 Do you see the purple pattern paper in the following layout that is behind the photo block? I made that with the tumble dye technique.

Told ya it was basically white. LOL! I got to confess that I was skeptical as I was completing the album because it was white as the base and I always thought white was a "no-no" in scrap booking. However, with recent trends in home decor and what designers are doing I can see how it could be the new trend in scrap booking. With all of that being said, once I get pictures in it, journal done (in purple or green), and titles on the pages I think it will be beautiful. Thanks for looking :-)

Oh, and come back in a day or two to see the other class I took! It was a lot of fun and a really great project to make.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation Album 2011

My main goal at the scrapbook expo last weekend was to complete our vacation album. I don't know why, but these are not my favorite albums to complete so they usually sit around waiting to get done. I am happy to say that vacation album 2011 is happily complete and sitting on our shelf! I used CTMH "Cherish" and "Magic" books for ALL the page layout ideas. It came together in a snap because of those books! I normally don't like to take pictures of them in their book already, but since I placed them in the album at the expo I was not gonna pull them out to photograph them at home LOL! Long live being lazy :-)

 This is my favorite LO I made for the album. Oh, and yes the flower is suppose to be there. If it is not there this could classify as soft, I did not know my boobs were busting out like that.

 Sorry this picture is so icky looking. It also happens to be my least favorite LO I did in the album.

 I really like this LO of Logan and Daddy fishing.

 Parker's hands on the saddle horn is my favorite photo I took of the whole trip.
 Yes...I took pictures of horse roadapples (AKA poop). Got to scrap ALL the vacation -- not just the good.
 I got these gosh awful ugly litt;e flowers in a C2P kit a few years ago when I designed for it. I had a hard time using them then and still now. I like them on this LO ;-)
 This is actually the first Layout of the book. It happens to be my favorite picture of the family :-)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back To School Layouts

I know, I know, I have not updated this blog in awhile. Sigh. What can I say? Anyways, I have a lot to show you and I mean alot. I spent this past weekend in Chicago at the Scrapbook Expo with my bestie and we had a great time and a lot of scrapping got done. Here are three pages I did for my kids' school album. All of it is made with CTMH products.

Thanks for looking :-)