Monday, May 31, 2010

Is It Really the End of the Month?

I can't believe it is the end of May! This has been an emotionally hard month for me because school is out (kids getting older), Parker graduated from Preschool (no longer a baby), and Awana Award ceremony. With that being said, I actually have not scrapped much this month. It is not that I did not have the time, it has just been that I have not been that in to it. Regardless, here are the 9 LOs that I did manage to get done since that last time I posted. For those of you who know me I usually can sneeze and create 9 LOs, but not lately. I used a charcoal bag on Parker's preschool graduation. Thanks for looking :-)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lots of Stuff!

My camera ran out of juice and I could not find the charger! Finally found it and was able to take pictures of some of the stuff I have made the last week. I ordered one of the new lines from CTMH. It is really suppose to go with amusement park pictures (Disney is what they showcase on it), but I had to have it! I discovered that is is great for my boys' photos! I really love the paper and it matches a lot of the "Magical" line from CTMH that was released a few years ago that I have in my stash. I also was able to dig out my bubble punch that I paid way to much money for and did not use nearly as much. Thanks to Malinda, my scrappy pal, I totally lifted her idea from her OSU telephone scrap lift challenge!

This is what I did with the left over from my BG class at the LSS. I now only have one sheet left. Woo-hoo! I really love love love this LO!

I have seven teachers that I wanted to gift something to at the end of the year. Well, I am needing to be more economical so I came up with this memo board. The 4 by 6 clear frame was $1.19 at Target and it stands. I then got a pack of mini dri erase markers that were $.60 a piece. I attached the marker and thank you tag with a piece of ribbon and the whole thing cost me a total of $1.80! I added a button for some depth. I hope it looks thoughtful and not cheap. I also wanted something that is practical and not just a dust collector for each teacher. What do you think?

I really needed to keep my teacher gifts under $20 (I know that sounds impossible, but I did)so I opted to make the gift bags. I am so scared that this is screaming "CHEAP!". I used my kids paper lunch bags. I placed a Heidi Swapp mask on each bag, sprayed it with some GM in three different shades, added a few pieces of bling that I bought in bulk awhile ago, folded the top over, punched two holes, and tied a bow with ribbon from my stash. I just hope this gift does not scream "TACKY!"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Apple Falls Not Far From the Tree

My nine year old son, Logan, was selected for an award in a local art show. His teacher submitted his work for him, but did not tell him until Logan won. Logan is struggling in school. In fact, he down right hates school, but his art teacher he loves. Logan reads at about a first grade level, reverses his letters, runs funny, and is a resource student. He also thinks he is dumb. I am homeschooling him next year because I have to build his self confidence and focus on his strengths and interests. His art teacher has agreed to work with Logan next year even though he will be home schooled. Look at my proud little guy! Oh, and his art teacher said that he has not ever seen a child that can think as abstractly and such a high level at this my kid ain't dumb!